How to Make a Projector Bulb Last Longer

Projector technology has grown and expanded over time. Similar technology that displays information to a classroom is used in offices to showcase a presenter’s desktop and slide show. A couple of things that haven’t changed, however, are the fragility and expense of the bulbs associated with a projector. Treat the bulbs right from the beginning and provide good maintenance to your unit and you will get more life out of all the components, including the bulb.

Step 1
Insert the bulb into its socket with care when replacing a bulb. Grab the bulb with a towel because oils on your fingers do not react well with the glass. Do not let the bulb collide with any part of the enclosure.
Step 2
Turn off the projector when not in use. If the projector has a cool down mode — typically achieved by pressing the power button multiple times or for a certain amount of time — utilize it before shutting the projector all the way down.
Step 3
Unplug the projector during long periods of inactivity, such as multiple weeks. This helps to avoid any power surges. Be sure to unplug the projector during storms, because lightning strikes can cause large power surges.
Step 4
Set the projector to economy mode — typically achieved by pressing a specialized button on the unit. This will reduce the brightness of the image it projects and will also preserve the bulb’s lifespan.
Step 5
Allow the projector bulb to cool before moving the projector. About 30 minutes is typically long enough for the bulb to cool after the projector has been turned off.