How to Get Notifications From Facebook on Your Computer

Facebook and other social networking sites provide an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to engage directly with their client, but if you aren’t careful, your customers will feel neglected when their interactions with your Facebook business page don’t get a quick response. One way to approach this potential problem is by arranging for Facebook to send notifications to your computer through a designated email address.

Step 1
Log in to Facebook. Go to your business page and click the downward-pointing arrow in the top right of the page to open a pull-down menu.

Step 2
Choose “Account Settings” from the pull-down menu. On the sidebar menu at the left of the resulting screen, locate the Notifications link and click on it. The page that opens up has a list of categories and activities. Look for the “All Notifications” section.

Step 3
Find the “Pages” category approximately one-third of the way down the list. Click “Edit” to see a list of settings, including “Change email settings for individual pages.” Click this link to open a window with a list of business pages associated with your Facebook account.

Step 4
Check the box next to any business page from which you wish to receive email notifications. When you’re done, click “Save” to return to the previous page. Click “Save Changes.”

Step 5
Log out of Facebook. Email notifications will now be sent to the primary email address on the account.