Portable Projector for your iPhone

Portable Projector for your iPhone

Just before you have the chance to say: what will they come up with next? They go ahead and do it. The creative people at Brookstone are currently selling a small projector that attaches to your iPhone! I almost did not believe it when I first got word of the product news online. It would seem that the DLP Pico projector technology truly is catching on with mainstream consumers. It might be common practice that projectors become part of our everyday lives.

The pocket projector is designed for your iPhone4 to slide into the battery-equipped case and with the flick of switch, it can display an image up to 50 inches. I do not think we can deny the fact that this pico projector technology is pretty cool. Suddenly any flat surface becomes a movie screen; perhaps the back of an airplane seat or even on the bus. Those of us who have come accustomed to the amazing crisp images and bright colors of their LCD or DLP projectors might be a little disappointed when they see the images that shoot out from this miniature version.

The projector comes with a 15-lumen LED lamp. To put this in perspective, top of the line projectors are calibrated with 4,000 ANSI lumen lamps. Users of this iPhone invention might be hard pressed to find situations where images will come in as clear as how a regular LCD projector lamp will perform. The projector also has a very under-powering 0.5 watt speaker located on the back of the case. One great selling feature is that the pocket projector does double as a battery back-up for your phone.

The question I have is about the life of the LED lamp inside this projector. As this is a new product, I do not believe we have firm numbers on the number of lamp life hours. I would be curious to know if users will get their monies worth and at what count will the lamp start to diminish in performance?

If you could not tell from the tone in my review, I am not fully sold on this product. The technology certainly has caught my attention, and gathered some very well needed “cool” and “wow” points. But I am still a big fan of big sound, big picture, and awesome display. Therefore, I am more comfortable recommending regular LCD and DLP projectors and their respective projector projector lamps.