Projector Care and Maintenance

Projectors are extremely fragile and expensive pieces of electronic equipment. By taking proper care you can greatly prolong its lifespan and can make sure that it will perform at its optimal level without fault. Performing regular maintenance on all the various parts of it, such as the filters, lens, lamp and cabinet will ensure that you are always displaying the best quality image possible to your audience.
Almost every new projector on the market will be supplied with an operating manual in either hard copy or electronic format on CD. Before operating for the first time you should try to set aside time to read through the operating manual in detail. This can help to inform you of how to correctly operate. In addition, operating manuals often provide useful maintenance tips specific to your model, for example, how to remove filter cover. Even if you have previous experience operating it, each model has their own unique quirks and features that are important to be aware of. Becoming familiar with these features will allow you to tell when something is wrong or even better, to take preventative measures to stop things from going wrong in the first place.
The most important thing to do to assure the longevity is to mount in a space with sufficient ventilation. The mounting in an area with little to no air flow often causes the projector lamp inside to expire early. In addition, do not place anything on top or in front of the intake or exhaust vents. Do not unplug if the fan is still in operation after it has been switched off. It will allow for the lamp to evenly and completely cool down. Turning it on and off quickly can have devastating effects. Projector lamps typically take about one minute before they are running in a stable current. It is equipped with ballast that ignites the lamp at a high voltage and then run it at a low voltage. If it is switched on and off quickly it can cause the ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor to become destabilized; this would cause to fail permanently.