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Detailed Information

A projector is used to enlarge small visual media formats such as video, film, and slides for a whole group or audience to see. A projector reads the original image and uses a series of mirrors or prisms and a lamp to duplicate and enlarge it. It’s then projected onto a screen or blank white wall.

A projector lamp operates by sending an electrical current across an ARC gap that is full of ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor. The electricity lights the mercury vapor which then causes the lamp to emit a light with an extreme intensity or brightness. The bright light created by this process shines onto an LCD or DLP panel which then produces the fantastic images projectors are known for.

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Shelf Life

Projector lamps do not go “bad” sitting on the shelf. These projector bulbs are designed to withstand very harsh temperature and pressure changes while operating in the projector. Sitting on the shelf will not cause the lamp to lose any of its potency.

Projector lamps, also known as projector light bulbs or projector bulbs, are one of the few user replaceable projector parts. There are several different projector lamp technologies of different wattage’s. Be sure your projector light bulb matches the one you are replacing as each projector is designed to use a specific type of lamp and a specific wattage. Consult your user’s manual for information on replacing the lamps. Lamps should be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of accordingly