Projector lamps lives

Projector lamp lives are influenced by several factors.
The most damaging factor affecting lamp life is the overheating during their regular performing.
Here are some practical advices that will help to extend your projector lamp life and avoid overheating.
The most important in extending your projector lamp normal operation is to mount your projector in a space with ample ventilation. It is well known that projectors that are mounted in corners, or extremely close vicinity to the ceiling or in rooms with little air flow, are doomed to expire earlier.
Vacuum and Blow Compressed Air:
Gathering of dust inside your projector can cause the projector lamp to burn at a over nominal temperature, which will cut its life short. Please take care to vacuum your projector and blow the dust out with compressed air on a regular basis depending also on the projector usage.
Change or Clean Your Filter Regularly:
Almost every projector is equipped with a filter that prevents dust from getting inside the sensitive circuitry. During time, the filter gets clogged with dust and it can cause the projector lamp to burn at a hotter temperature than required and diminish its lamp life.
The filter on your projector is usually found behind a small rectangular panel that measures 0.5″ by 6″ long. Please clean the filter or if necessarily replace it with a new one.
Do Not Turn Your Projector On and Off Quickly:
Turning your projector on and off quickly can have devastating effects on your projector lamp. Projector lamps typically take about a minute before they are running at a stable current. Projectors have special ballasts inside them that ignite projector lamps at a high voltage and then run them at a low voltage. If you turn your projector on and off quickly it can cause the ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor to become destabilized, which will in turn cause your projector lamp to fail permanently.
Run Your Projector in Economy Mode:
The modern projectors have two modes of operation: normal mode and economy mode. Economy mode usually makes the projector lamp emit a slightly lower brightness level and therefore can extend the projector lamp’s life. If you are not sure if your projector has economy mode, please reference to your projector’s manual or contact the manufacturer.