Social Media: Everyone LIKES Lamp


Everyone LIKES Projector Lamps!

It has been said by many social media gurus, that if you or your business are not on Facebook, then your business does not exist. A bold statement, but it does hold some truth. Over 500 million people are registered on Facebook. Millions more follow their favourite pop stars over Twitter. And the worlds second most used search engine: YouTube, is arguably used by billions.
are the tools and instruments used my consumers on daily, if not, an hourly basis. They form the platform on which final purchasing decisions are made; thanks in part to sharing of information from their social networks. (including FB, Twitter, and YouTube).
These pages will be used to communicate to our existing and potential new customers, offering them relevant and timely information on projector lamps, bulbs, and projectors. The consumer can now choose what they want to see, not what the ad agencies want them to see. If social media is used effectively, the end user will gain insight on product choices, instil a level of trust with the lamp business, and finally LIKE or refer the page to their own network of friends.
Be sure to follow us on your preferred social media outlet of choice. As always, for more information on projector lamps, projector bulbs, and RPTV lamps, be sure to check this trusted source.