What are Projector Bulbs?

projector bulb
Projector bulbs or projector lamps are light bulbs which are designed to be used in a projector. These bulbs are very bright, and they may only last for a short period of time, due to the high demands placed on projector bulbs while the projector is in operation. Some electronics stores stock these bulbs, and they can also be purchased through specialty suppliers. Keeping a few projector bulbs on hand is a very good idea for people who own a projector, so that bulb failure can be quickly dealt with.
The projector bulb is a critical part of a projector. Depending on the design of the projector, the bulb may cause light to pass directly through a transparent medium like film, creating a projection of the image on the film, or it may be used with a series of mirrors to create a projection. In both cases, the light needs to be extremely strong, because otherwise the projection will be dim and watery, which is not desirable. The light also needs to be consistent, as a flickering bulb can cause problems with the projection.