World Domination: Projectors Are Here to Stay !

We live in a world of new age technology, where todays modern day piece of electronics, almost is obsolete by rise of the sun in the next business day. Whether it is the new iPhone 5 or the rumors of the Galaxy S4, gizmos and gadgets still dominate the consumer spending market. Despite all of these vast improvements in technology, LCD and DLP projectors and LCD projector lamps still have solid ground in the market place. We know this because of the presence of projectors in our everyday lives: schools, classrooms, government offices, the military, home theaters, and even in our places of worship .

LCD Projectors have been in the market for well over 15 years. Over time, manufacturers like
SONY, PANASONIC, AND EPSON have led the charge in pushing the limits of the functions and performance of what a projector and a projector lamp was capable of. In this timeline of changes, we have seen many features come and go. Short throw performance projectors are getting better with each new release. Auto-lens image correction, easy navigation, sleek wireless controls, and many more features are some of the highlights over the past decade. Overall, projectors are becoming easy to use, easy to maintain, and light and portable.
The general trend is the projector bulbs are getting more powerful and longer lasting. Many bulbs and lamps last 2,000+ hours; and when put into eco-mode, then can push 3,000 or even 4,000 hours! Wow!! A continuous trend we see, among all manufacturers, is a push of a right rating of ANSI lumens of the lamp. Many lamps are now calibrated at 3,000 to 4,000 lumens. It was only a few short years ago, that many lamps were rated at 1,000 ANSI lumens. For a trusted source of projector lamps, be sure to check this source. Important to note, this company specializes in localized customer support as they have 5 offices worldwide.

Finally, we know projectors are a dominate player in the electronics market, due to their overwhelming presence in literally hundreds of countries around the world. Students in South Africa, or prayers in the South East United States, or military conference rooms in Argentina, all these groups of people in so many countries around the world, all use projectors. Projectors and projector bulbs are an important part of our everyday lives. Their global presence assures us that this tried and tested piece of electronics is here to stay with us for a while longer.